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Biographical Statement

Dr. Le grew up in England, and first worked in a refugee children’s home in London. It was here that she saw how children with even significant behavioral challenges, had a great potential for change when given the right treatment. Wanting to learn more, she went on to doctoral studies in psychology at New York University, and was awarded an academic scholarship, and an assistant position in the Master’s program.

Dr. Le completed her residency at Queens Medical Center in Hawaii as an individual and group therapist for adults. Specialty areas included inpatient units, consultations with medical staff, assessments and testing, and outpatient therapy.

After her residency, Dr. Le worked in the schools, helping children with ADHD, life transitions, anxiety, depression, opposition, anger, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Down Syndrome. She is trained in cognitive therapy, behavioral interventions, and play therapy.

Dr. Le also studied at the Sorbonne in France, and is fluent in spoken French.

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