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About Dr. Eric Mashburn

I was born and raised in Alabama and moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL with my parents, my brother and sister, before my junior year of high school.  I completed high school and attended college and graduate school in the Fort Lauderdale area.  During high school, my passion for playing baseball and other sports kept me pretty busy outside of school.  I attended Nova Southeastern University for undergraduate school and earned an honors admission into their doctoral program.  I worked at an inpatient geriatric treatment facility for 5 years while going through college and graduate school.

My father and grandfather served in the US Air Force, and I had always wanted to follow in their footsteps.  As luck would have it, I was selected to an Air Force residency program, which allowed me to serve active duty as a Captain for four years (one year of residency and three years as an Air Force Psychologist).  So after 12 years in South Florida, my wife and three children and I moved to San Antonio.  We enjoyed our taste of Texas and all San Antonio had to offer (Six Flags, Sea World and of course the Riverwalk) while I trained and worked at Wilford Hall Medical Center.   We were then stationed at Scott Air Force Base for three years, which is just outside of St. Louis, another great experience highlighted by many great friends and coworkers…and Cardinals baseball (free admission with military ID!).  While at Scott Air Force Base, I collaborated with the pediatric clinic and was recognized for the development of the Multidisciplinary ADHD Project at Scott Air Force Base and awarded a “best practice” during annual inspections and the 2002 Officer of the Year Award.

As the end of my initial contract with the Air Force approached, my family and I decided to separate from the Air Force and move to Alabama, where I had spent so many years growing up. I have been back here since 2003 and have developed my individual practice through being involved with large practices (Grayson and Associates and Pitts and Associates) and creating a referral base which includes some of the best pediatricians and family practice doctors in the state.  I owe a lot to Drs. Grayson and Pitts for helping me get started, but in March 2016, I was ready to go out on my own.  

I have a strong CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy) approach which I have been very successful with and has the best empirical support of any type of therapy.  It allows me to work with all ages, individuals, as well as couples and families.  As is the case with most clinicians, I have integrated other types of therapy to assist in helping people achieve their goals.  If you are in need of some assistance with any emotional, behavioral and/or learning difficulties, I would be happy to meet with you and do what I can to help. 

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